The following extracts come from a selection of the many references received in relation to the "Making of a Masterpiece" presentation.

If you would like a copy of any of the original references, please

Tauhara College, Taupo

"Warwick gave a highly informative and entertaining presentation on human development to our Year 10 students which had them engaged for an entire period. He was extremely well prepared and we look forward to hosting him next year!"

James Lamb (HOF Science)
20 June 2016

Palmerston North Girls' High School

"Thank you for a thought-provoking and well illustrated talk which spanned from birth to human conception. Incorporating the latest scientific knowledge, both the content, visual support and lively personal presentation thoroughly engaged our students who really enjoyed the experience."

Andrew McCreary (HOD Science)
Dr Heather Meikle (HOD Biology)
6 June 2016

Palmerston North Boys' High School

"Very entertaining, enthusiastic presenter! Lively talk given by someone who truly has passion for the topic he talks about. Students were totally engrossed throughout the presentation and most found it relevant to what they are studying at PNBHS. Highly recommended to all schools!!"

Geedha Reid
HOD Science
24 May 2016

St Bernard's College, Lower Hutt

"All six presentations were tailored to the audience. He had extras for the Year 11 & 13 classes. All classes asked questions and were given excellent responses. Warwick was brilliant for every presentation. He treated each presentation as if it was his first of the day. The information was perfectly suited to the audience....His slides were brilliant. They were scientifically accurate and portrayed the message that life is a masterpiece expertly...We would definitely recommend him to every other school..."

Brenten Higson
HOD Science
13 May 2016

Korokoro Primary School, Lower Hutt

"We really enjoyed Warwick's presentation. The kids were highly engaged and the subject matter was interesting for everyone. We also valued the underpinning messages about appreciating the uniqueness of each person and about celebrating diversity whilst realising that we all share so many commonalities."

Martin Hookham
9 May 2016

Reporoa College, Bay of Plenty

"Thank you for coming to speak to our Year 9 and 10 students. The vast majority of our students enjoyed your lecture; definitely learnt more about their time in the womb, and appreciated your high tempo style.
Our PE staff were especially complimentary and were wondering if you would like to come back and teach some of their Health syllabus, voluntarily of course!..."

Martyn Owen
HOD Science
1 June 2015

Fraser High School, Hamilton

"Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to our students about the Making of a Masterpiece. Our students were totally engaged, both through the amazing information you relayed to them and the enthusiasm by which you presented it.
It is such a gift that you offer schools and teachers to share your passion with others and to reinforce what we are teaching within our classrooms.
Thank you for taking the time for our students and helping them to understand that they are the true miracle of life."

Sarah Summerfield
Year 12 & 13 Dean, Science & Biology Teacher
3 September 2014

Hamilton Girls' High School

"I would like to say a big thank you to Warwick from The Making of a Masterpiece for coming in to Hamilton Girls' High School and presenting his informative and fun presentation on birth back to conception.
The presentation was really helpful for our students, as it is informative, interesting and has relevant and important messages throughout it. Warwick was humorous and delivered serious messages in a way that make young people want to listen..."

Lynn Hodgkinson
HOD PE & Health
27 August 2014

Tauranga Girls College

"...Warwick is an extremely engaging speaker. He managed to keep the students' interest for the entire presentation, and the teachers were also entralled.
Warwick managed to weave anecdotal stories and robust science, and he related it all to the students' own experiences...I would highly recommend this presentation as very suitable for Year 11 and Year 10 science classes studying genetics and/or reproduction."

Dr Treena Blythe
HOD Science
25 June 2014

Mahurangi College, Warkworth

"Thanks for the presentation. It certainly gave the students an interesting and new perspective on the complexity of human life. Feedback I had from students was very positive..."

Gerald Walker
HOD Science
12 December 2013

Western Heights High School, Rotorua

"Warwick is an excellent presenter of so many interesting facts about the human body. One cannot help listening intently to every word, just in case you miss something. This presentation is very well suited for young adults, giving them the biological facts in an exciting and humorous way."

Mark Tiedt
HOD Science
21 October 2013

Botany Downs Secondary College, Auckland

"Warwick Pascoe has presented to our school at Botany Downs Secondary College for the second year in a row to our Year 10 Health and Physical Education classes. He is an amazing speaker who gets the students involved and fascinated by his presentation on The Making of a Masterpiece. Students were kept interested throughout the presentation and were shown images and facts about the developing baby. This presentation is not to be missed. Staff and students were captivated by the images and stories."

Debbie McGregor
HOD Health
11 September 2013

James Hargest College, Invercargill

"Warwick Pascoe presented his 'Masterpiece' to our Year 8 students and had them enthralled for a full hour. It was informative, fascinating and wondrous all wrapped up in a family-friendly, non-offensive, age appropriate package which incorporated relevant stories and humour.

Warwick's colourful images were not something that any of our students, nor staff, whom were equally captivated, will easily forget. This presentation was an educational experience that all people need to share in and one that we will definitely have at our school again if we get the chance."

Peter Nielsen-Vold
Year 8 Leader
1 May 2013

James Cook High School, Auckland

"...Warwick was very passionate about his presentation and maintained a captive audience throughout the hour he presented. Warwick managed to speak at a level that was understood by our students and was also very approachable at the end of the presentation. The visual effects and models he used were informative and dynamic.

Warwick and his team were great to work with and the presentation itself was set up entirely by them. From a logistical point of view it was no hassle at all to organise. I think most students would gain beneficial knowledge from viewing the presentation and I would recommend having the opportunity to view it. It also created a lot of interesting discussion points."

Ben Claxton
Head of Health
2 November 2012

Takapuna Grammar, Auckland

"Our students found the presentation very informative and enjoyed the manner in which it was presented. It gave them a different perspective with which to view this area of the curriculum. The staff thought it was informative, well-prepared and presented. The message that was delivered should give everyone something to think about."

Ingrid Mckenzi
Science Teacher
8 August 2012

Pakuranga College, Auckland

..."An extremely enthusiastic and informative presentation which captivated our Year 9 students, providing them with fascinating stories and facts about the wonders of human development. Warwick's passion and enthusiasm for the content is a lasting memory for both the students and teachers and his ability to engage all of the students is commendable...."

Steph Ward
HOD Health
1 August 2012

Edgewater College, Auckland

"Earlier this year Warwick came into our school to give presentations to two of our Year 9 health classes. The subject we were doing was nutrition and how it can affect your development. The stunning visual effects and great use of props kept the students captivated for the whole hour. There was a great mixture of academic information as well as basic life skills taught, at a level the students can understand.

Warwick and his administration team were a pleasure to deal with and were happy to adapt and be flexible in order to fit with the curriculum we were teaching. I have no hesitation about recommending Warwick to come and speak at your school whether it be to year 9's or year 13's.

David Williams
TIC Outdoor Education
HOD Health
20 July 2012

Tamaki College, Auckland

"...Tamaki College is made up of Maori and Pacific Island students and on the day the [Making of a Masterpiece] presentation was performed, over 600 students attended. The content and the messages contained within the presentation are important issues for teenage students, particularly the uniqueness of each individual..."

Mrs Faulafo Gogo
Health Department
20 July 2012

Kelston Girls' College, Auckland

"Warwick's presentation was very informative and entertaining. His rapport with the girls was awesome. The girls loved the interactive nature of the presentation and his willingness to answer any questions. His passion and enthusiasm had the girls captured right from the start. Warwick is a true professional and I have no hesitation in promoting his presentation as one that needs to be seen by our young people."

Haidee Tiffen
Head of Faculty of PE & Health
8 June 2012

Vision College, Christchurch

"Thank you so much for your presentation last week. lt was engaging enough to keep all of our students interested, even with their various levels of understanding and knowledge. They also appreciated being able to hold the props you had brought with you.
The message that each of the students is a masterpiece came through clearly and was very encouraging, especially for those that had never thought of themselves as such..."

Tara Talbot
Head of School
Early Childhood Education
5 March 2012

CHIP Summit, Los Angeles, United States of America

"...We so much appreciated your presentations. They highlighted just how 'fearful and wonderful' a creation each individual truly is. Beyond that, you have inspired us to greater effort in reaching each individual with the blessing of complete health. Thank you for touching each of us in such a thought-provoking way."

Kathy Pflugrad
Communications Director
18 November 2011

Turanga Ararau (Iwi Tertiary Education Provider) Gisborne

"...It was great for the students to see and hear how unique each one of them are which is an identifying factor and also how precious they are in their uniqueness.

Thank you for taking time to speak to our students, it was very worthwhile..."

Na Win Ruru
Operations Manager
16 November 2011

Westlake Boys High School, Auckland

"Thank you for speaking to our Year 9 and 10 boys earlier this year. Your presentation 'The Making of a Masterpiece' was very well received by our students and staff. The information in your talk and the presentation were both fascinating and informative. Noticeable was the energy and enthusiasm you bring to the presentation and all the staff agreed your presentation was the best we've ever heard on this topic.

The talk also provided an excellent forum for the students to ask questions and voice opinions. We would highly recommend this presentation to other secondary schools."

Theuns Strydom
TIC Health
6 November 2011

James Cook Primary School, Marton

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very informative and interactive presentation delivered to 50 of our Year 6-8 students. The manner in which you were able to quickly build credibility and connections with students engaged them quickly. Your humour, use of scientifically correct information and visual aids held their interest as well...Like a tour guide your ability to guide the students, teachers and parents through the creation process respectfully allowed the awe and wonderment of life inside the womb to be valued. Again thank you.

In addition, the time you took to meet to with me personally to discuss the content of your Masterpiece presentation and learn a little more about our school's journey and our students was much appreciated and valued. Your ability to link key messages into our school's core culture was noted and valued. Thank you.

Michelle Cameron
20 October 2011

Hauraki Plains College, Ngatea

"Warwick came to speak to our year 12 and 13 Childcare students. From the very beginning, it was obvious that Warwick was passionate about the subject matter. He very quickly engaged all the students with his friendly and enthusiastic manner.

The feedback I received from the students was that they really enjoyed the presentation, especially the real life stories. Many had no idea how amazing the whole process of conception to birth was and were astounded to learn how early a baby's heart starts beating. Students commented on how special he made them feel by stressing the uniqueness of every single person....

Famke van Laren
Year 13 Dean
5 October 2011

Whangaparaoa College, Auckland

"...I personally would recommend this presentation to any school. I believe it could fit in with the Science curriculum as well as both Junior and Senior Health programmes. Warwick's enthusiasm for the topic keeps learners thoroughly engaged as well as willing to ask questions. His use of resources is fantastic and of great interest to his audience. Overall, it was an interesting presentation delivered by a passionate presenter."

Melinda Freeman
HOD Health
20 September 2011

Vision College, Hamilton

"Vision College Early Childhood students invited Warwick into college to do his Masterpiece presentation. We have a range of students from age 16 upwards and all found this beneficial. Comments from the students were that it was innovative, Warwick was an interesting speaker and it was a good length. They enjoyed the visual presentation and the babies that were used to demonstrate size were fantastic. We would definitely have the team back again for our future students."

Pam Wilson
ECE Course Co-ordinator
30 August 2011

Orewa College, Auckland

"This presentation is outstanding and I highly recommend it to students of all ages...Warwick truly engages the students with both his enthusiasm and passion for this subject and the students are entertained for the whole hour...I can recommend Warwick to other schools, presenting to both junior and senior level students. I am sure all students would be impressed and I hope that we will see him again this year at Orewa College."

Dean Preston-Thomas
TIC Health
15 April 2011

Fraser High School - Teen Parent Unit, Hamilton

"...His presentation was absolutely professional, interesting and informative. He held his audience with his lovely relaxed manner and imparted important messages, like understanding the bond between the unborn child through to later years...I would without hesitation recommend Warwick as a presenter to secondary school students."

Sue Ford
5 November 2010

Paraparaumu College, Paraparaumu

"...The students all thought the presentation was excellent and relevant. One specific message that they all took away was how unique they all are. It has been extremely useful to reflect back on your presentation when we are studying particular topics in Health. I would recommend this presentation for all Senior Health and Science classes as it can easily be adapted to the different modules that we teach."

Brenda McKenzie
Acting HOD Health
13 June 2010

Waiopehu College, Levin

"Along with 150 Science and Health students from my College I listened to Warwick's 1 hour presentation. He offered a lively and appropriate narrative, tailored to the age of the audience. Complimenting the delivery was an outstanding set of still photographs and short video clips. I recommend Warwick and his presentation to any secondary schol age audience."

Barry Petherick
10 June 2010

Lynfield College, Auckland

"...Warwick Pascoe gave the Masterpiece presentation to our Year 9 and 10 students. He is an extremely energetic speaker who shares his passion for science in a clear and fascinating way, aided by the use of pictures, video and props. The presentation material is factually correct and completely free of bias or opinion...I can recommend Warwick unreservedly to all schools who want to give their students a real sense of the wonder of the scientific world inside them."

Rob Boasman
Faculty Manager of Science
December 2009

Te Whare Whai Hua, Lytton High School, Gisborne

"...Many of the girls were profoundly touched by what they had seen and I believe it gave them a deeper understanding of how their child is nurtured in the womb. Hearing how their eating, smoking and drinking habits impact on their child, would have come as a surprise to some of our young mothers. The presentation was well timed as we had new mothers in our midst."

Jo Ashwell
Centre Manager
August 2009

Woodford House, Napier

"...The girls found the presentation interesting and informative, being given some very valuable perspectives on the first nine months in utero. The content was very supportive to what is already covered in our school health programme, and as a health teacher I found your delivery and the presentation itself to be very professional and well constructed..."

Dionne Thomas (Mrs)
Head of Physical Education & Health
June 2009

Napier Boys High School

"...As a Human Biology teacher I found the presentation by Warwick to be a useful teaching tool for my Level 1 students. He was interesting and informative throughout and did not push a controversial message or challenge anyones beliefs. The topic was of direct relevance to the Human Reproduction topic of the NCEA course, and fitted nicely into a teaching period time slot."

Simon Coe
Biology Teacher
June 2009

Wanganui Girls' College

"...One of the most interesting and worthwhile presentations we have seen, beautifully illustrating the journey from conception to birth without bias or pushing any message other than that life is precious, our bodies are a miracle of engineering and we need to appreciate and respect the process of human development. Warwick was able to get this message across in terms easily understood by our students and they were appreciative and interested throughout..."

Maartje Morton
Deputy Principal
May 2008

Palmerston North Boys' High School, Palmerston North

"Palmerston North Boys' High School was the recipient of a presentation [in July 2008] by Warwick Pascoe on the miracle that is birth. The presentation was informative and vibrant and held much appeal for the year 11 audience...I would have no hestitation in recommending Mr Pascoe for future presentations."

Blair van Stipriaan
8 June 2010

Horowhenua College

"...Your presentation was outstanding and contained fascinating and thought-provoking information for the students. This tied in beautifully with the Health Curriculum. Your very knowledgeable dialogue, video footage and life-sized models made this presentation very real for the students. They were fascinated and engaged in your presentation..."

Robyn Keeling
Dean of Pacific Island students
April 2007

Raumati South School

"...The presentation celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and tracks children backwards from birth to conception using models and photographs. Content was not presented in a way that could be controversial. It was good from a scientific and health perspective. During the presentation our student audience of around one hundred and seventy children were highly engaged..."

Graham McDonald
June 2008

Southland Institute of Technology

"...The presentation is scientifically based, and uses all the latest technologies to provide insight into the life in the womb. This presentation is an important educational tool as we try to inform our community and society of the importance of child care commencing at conception and develop scientific appreciation and insights into the human journey from conception to birth..."

Patricia Conradson
Tutor, School of Nursing
July 2008

Y.M.C.A. Young Parents Programme

"...It was evident that Warwick had put a lot of time and effort into his incredible presentation. He was very professional and it showed that he was passionate about the subject. We all thought Warwick was a great, friendly person who has worked hard to create a stunning masterpiece of his own..."

The students at the Y.M.C.A. Young Parents Programme, Wanganui
May 2008


Girls' Brigade - 3rd Invercargill Company

"...We can highly recommend your professional and informative approach in speaking to our girls, who were completely fascinated by all the material which you presented to them. Our group of girls who are aged 9-15 years, were able to understand and participate enthusiastically with you in your presentation, along with some of our mothers who were present also. Your material was indeed 'family friendly' as you stated and regardless of age, we all learned lots from the extremely effective photography and visuals in your presentation..."

Nardia Livingston
June 2008

Training for You, Wanganui

"...The students found the content relevant, fascinating and extremely well presented. There was plenty to talk about after you left! If you are travelling this way next year we'd certainly love to have you back for our next group of students!"

Iain Whittaker
Teacher Aide Tutor
April 2008

St Joseph's School, Timaru

"Each year, the Year 7 and 8 students at St Joseph's study Pubertal Change during the final term, and last year we invited Warwick Pascoe to speak to our students as part of this unit....Our teachers felt the presentation was an excellent balance to complement other more factual work done during the unit and with our school nurse..."

Jo Armstrong
Senior Syndicate Leader
August 2007

Sancta Maria College, Auckland

"...Without doubt this would be one of the most fascinating presentations that I have seen delivered to young people within the school environment..."

Paul Daley
June 2005

Christchurch College of Education

"The 'Miracle of Life' presented by Warwick Pascoe is an informative, educationally sound and engaging presentation. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in how a life is started and progresses through to birth. His presentation held the interest of our sports coaching students and provoked thought on issues related to growth and development..."

Sharyn Pratley
Visting lecturer, Sport Coaching
April 2005

Rotary Club of Gisborne

"The Gisborne Rotary Club wish to thank you sincerely for your informative educational and entertaining talk at the breakfast meeting yesterday morning.

Your sincerity and naturalness, your own expertise, your form of expression, and of course your genuine appearance of enjoying whatever you do, all combined to make a presentation worth hearing and certainly made for an exceptionally interesting guest speaker slot...."

Sam Gillgren
October 2004

Christchurch College of Education

"...This presentation should be seen by all, as it is informative, well researched and enthusiastically presented..."

Lynn Kidman, PhD
Principal Lecturer, Sport Coaching
March 2003