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"The Making of a Masterpiece" is an acclaimed presentation available to schools, community groups, businesses, service clubs, churches, tertiary institutions, elderly care homes etc, which presents the wonder of human development during the first nine months in the womb.

Warwick Pascoe of DC Communications Inc has been fronting these presentations throughout New Zealand since 1998, so every presentation benefits from his experience, as well as his enthusiasm, professionalism and love of the topic.

While the well researched core material is common to all presentations, Warwick specifically tailors every "Making of a Masterpiece" seminar to the audience.

Controversial issues are deliberately avoided, ensuring that every presentation is an entertaining, educational and memorable experience for everyone.

"This presentation should be seen by all, as it is informative, well researched and enthusiastically presented..."
Lynn Kidman, PhD (Principal Lecturer, Christchurch College of Education)

"The presentation was really helpful for our students, as it is informative, interesting and has relevant and important messages throughout it. Warwick was humorous and delivered serious messages in a way that make young people want to listen..." . . ."
Lynn Hodgkinson, HOD PE & Health, Hamilton Girls' High School